Since the beginning of the Internet, Front End developers have been heavily involved in creating web pages and applications, tasked to take the information put in by the coders and make it presentable to the user in an informative and enjoyable way. Front End developers are in high demand right now since they’re a vital part of any software development project – but what is it exactly that makes Front End developer recruitment so important?

What is Front End Development?
In web development, Front End Development is the process of creating the graphical user interface (GUI) for a website or application. While the interface doesn’t add any new functionality to the website or web app, it allows users to view and interact with the page and all of the functionality hidden away at the Back End. There are three main goals of Front End Development:

  • Accessibility – making web pages and web apps accessible on a range of devices through responsive web design. Cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device functionality is primarily the task of Front End developers.
  • Performance – another major task of Front End developers is to build faster, better-performing websites and web apps. With rising bandwidth and electricity costs, it’s extremely important to make applications scalable and flexible, using as few resources as possible while remaining fast.
  • Research – coming up with new ways to innovate and re-design user experience, applying the latest technology and solutions to improve websites and applications by making them more appealing and enjoyable to the end users.
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Front End vs. Back End
In contrast to Front End developers, Back End developers deal with the side of the website or web application that the users can’t see. This includes building code, managing databases, creating and using frameworks, etc. Front End and Back End Developers work together to create a single, dynamic website, allowing users to interact with a range of functionalities.

Both Back End and Front End developers are required in most software development lifecycles. They are both equally important and equally difficult (even though both sides would have you thinking otherwise), and a good dose of cooperation between the two is required for any ambitious project to come to fruition. To find adequate candidates for these positions, companies frequently use the help of a recruitment agency for Front End developers.

Common programming languages for Front End Development
Most commonly, Front End developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build graphical user interfaces, including elements such as buttons, layouts, images, animations, interactive elements, and more. In addition to these three, Front End developers use a range of web technologies, including non-web environments and frameworks like React Native.

Front End developers work with code and design to make websites appear as responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and enjoyable to the end users. They usually create code to adjust the appearance of a web page in common web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer. Front End developers also work with applications and environments outside the web browser, like Flutter, to create native applications.

How to find the right Front End Developer?
Front End developers are highly-skilled professionals that are in very high demand right now. Finding the right one for your company might be difficult if you’re limiting yourself to only local recruitment. With the right remote recruitment agency, you’ll be able to find the perfect hire out of a global talent pool – not just your closest geographical vicinity.

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