Tired of unsuccessful Software Developer recruitment? Chances are, you’re not utilizing the latest industry practices – including remote recruitment.

Remote recruitment is a time- and cost-effective way of finding new hires, without many of the costs and wasted time associated with traditional recruitment – and much more effective at actually finding the right employees. What exactly is remote recruitment and how can it help businesses thrive?

Local Recruitment vs. Remote Recruitment
Most traditional ways of employee recruitment are based on local recruitment, i.e. finding new candidates within certain geographical boundaries, close to the workplace. This severely limits the available talent pool, since you’re only sourcing from a very limited number of specialists. Recruiting software engineers this way is not only difficult and lengthy, but you might not even find any available specialists in your area in the end!

In contrast, remote recruitment isn’t limited by geographical boundaries – you’re sourcing your employees from all around the world, including countries like Poland with plenty of skilled IT specialists, including DevOps engineers, Front End and Back End developers, IT Support technicians, and more – with exceptional skills and experience and lower rates than standard wages in the UK or the US. On average, IT specialists from Poland have employee costs over 30% lower than equivalent employees from the United States!

Pros & Cons of remote recruitment
Remote recruitment isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution – there are pros and cons to remote Software Developer recruitment, and whether it suits you depends on your specific business needs at the moment. The most obvious benefit of remote recruitment is the access to a worldwide talent pool, not just one specific area.

On average, payroll costs are less than half with remote recruitment in comparison to local recruitment. Studies also show that remote workers are more productive than in-house workers, with less interruptions from colleagues and less distractions. Software development is also a highly flexible field, and remote workers provide much more flexibility than office workers. According to various surveys, online recruitment is also much faster in bringing new candidates, processing them, and onboarding.

Remote hiring brings lots of new opportunities – but also new challenges that need to be overcome. A lot depends on effective communication, and unless your candidates are fluent in English, you might have problems trying to establish a coherent plan of action. For that reason, companies work with remote recruitment agencies to make sure each candidate is interviewed for a reason.

How are recruitment agencies helping businesses in remote recruitment?
By using the services of a recruitment agency like P2 Recruitment, you’re investing in your workforce. You’ll receive professional assistance in finding new employees who fit your business needs and possess the specific skills and competencies you’re looking for in new hires. Instead of having to find, process, shortlist, vet, assess, and onboard every candidate, you can let a recruitment agency worry about all of that, allowing you to focus on essential business tasks.

Software Development Recruitment Agencies aim to help companies find exactly the employees they are searching for, sourcing from countries like Poland which offer exceptional skill levels and lower-than-average wages. This way, you can save time and money, while gaining access to experienced specialists and engineers – what’s there to lose?

The bottom line: is remote recruitment the future of Software Development?
Right now, we can see a major change in sentiments towards remote recruitment. Before the pandemic, some companies were trying out the remote work model, but often without much success. Now, even though the worst of the pandemic has seemingly passed, remote recruitment is still on the rise. It definitely isn’t the only option for companies to build a competitive development team, but it does seem to be the most effective strategy in today’s market.

Here at P2 Recruitment, we specialize in Remote Software Development Recruitment, delivering high-quality candidates and IT specialists from Poland to oversea companies looking for the best technicians and engineers in the field. If you have a software project that needs some additional help to realize in time, or need a dedicated IT support team, contact us with details and we’ll get back to you with a solution tailored to your specific business needs!

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