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We recruit IT engineers from many specialisations: Software Developers, Project Managers, IT Support Engineers, QA Engineers, Technical Program Managers, R&D Engineers, AI&ML Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Data and Computer Scientist, UI / UX Engineers and IT Security Specialists.

We recruit IT engineers of many specializations and modern stacks. Our candidates worked in banking, medical institution, gaming, big data and cloud services and other fields. We have extensive experience with start-ups. We support companies located on different continents, and we recruit specialists from many countries around the world.

IT Recruitment Agency

We help companies from various industries who provide advanced products and services. This includes software solutions for banking, insurance, medical institutions, gaming, and gambling. We worked with big data and cloud services providers. We have extensive experience with start-ups.

Recruitment Team

We support companies located on different continents, and we recruit candidates from many countries around the world. Central and Eastern Europe are the primary sources of our talent, but we also successfully recruit candidates from South and North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Best Recruiters

Our Recruitment Strategy is built on our strengths

Going Deep

We will ask you about your company’s values, culture and goals…

Off limits restriction

The simple fact is, the larger the firm, the  more passive candidates are “off-limits”...

Flexible approach

The more flexibility the employer can afford, the greater their success in hiring the right candidate.  
Flexibility opens the floor for a broader perspective, more innovative actions and better hiring results. We will help you to achieve that.

Owner engaged

Piotr Eder, the owner and senior Recruiter with 20 years of experience…

Advising candidates

We listen to and advise our candidates to make educated career decisions…

We can help you to grow your business

Happy Customers

Over the last 20 years, we have successfully helped many companies to recruit top candidates.

Recruited Engineers

We have helped numerous engineers from all over the world progress with career development and promotion.

Projects Done

Each recruitment process we have undertaken was always a special commitment for us.

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    Consistency and Reputation

    In order for our business to grow, we need to have a track record of success. Without consistency we would never achieve that.

    Piotr Eder

    Trust is a huge asset in every business situation

    Trust and relationships, much more than money, are the currency of business. We take responsibility for our actions and do what is right. 

    Piotr Eder

    Company Founder

    Piotr Eder

    What our Clients say about P2 Recruitment

    "Having worked with P2 Recruitment for over a year, I can attest to their high degree of professionalism, great communication, and the high quality of the sourced candidates both in the US and the EU markets."

    Victor Gane

    Co-Founder, COO, Charlotte, USA

    "P2 provided us with valuable candidates for the Senior IT Project Managers, QA testers, IT Business Analysts roles, within the software industry. They are acting really fast and always very responsive. They adapt easily to the changing circumstances. The most flexible agency I have ever worked with. In general the recruitment process was efficient and successful. I am happy to recommend their services."

    Kinga Walczyńska

    HR Manager, BlackSwan Technologies, Tel-Aviv, Israel

    "P2 provided us with experienced candidates for software engineering roles helping to achieve our hiring plan. They filled challenging positions despite the market limitation. They have become our main partner, always providing us with the relevant candidates and having a deep understanding of our requirements and the specifics of our project. Thanks a lot for your continuous support."

    Eugenia Filipovich

    Technical Recruiter, Sensor Tower, San Francisco, USA

    "Piotr Eder is a refreshing example of the best in talent acquisition. He genuinely cares for the people he works with, the clients he represents, and the outstanding candidates he delivers. Piotr grasps the nuances of the high-tech market and understands the differences and industry skills required to be successful in software focused organizations. He is one of the most tenacious yet understanding recruiters I have ever worked with in my career. He has proven to be honest, trust worthy and committed to finding win-win situations for all parties involved. I would work with Piotr again and definitely plan to refer trusted colleagues to him."

    Rocky Francis

    Head of HR, RAPID AI, Golden, USA

    "Piotr is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with.  He has a fantastic sense, not only for technical talent, but also for leadership, empathy, planning, and a host of other hard to measure skills. I unequivocally recommend him to anyone looking for exceptionally talented engineers."

    Josh Segall

    Co-Founder, Space Inch, Boston, USA

    "P2 Recruitment has proven time and time again to be our best source of talented candidates in Poland. Piotr conducts himself with the utmost professionalism and we are pleased to be able to work with him as we build our team."

    Shaylee Welch

    Operations Manager, Swift Shift, New York, USA

    "Following advertisements placed in a national newspaper and online, we received numerous resumes. Seven of which we found possible candidates for two available positions. P2 Recruitment was also contacted and arranged a further two selected candidates which they considered highly suitable. Of the 30+ CVs reviewed and 9 following interviews, the two arranged by P2 Recruitment were of a grade well above the rest. Much to be said about leaving recruitment to professionals saving time and money. Our thanks."

    Sam Ryan

    Managing Director Structural Design Services, Warsaw, Poland

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