Using an IT Support Recruitment Agency to find talented technicians can greatly reduce the time it takes to find a promising candidate – but how to make sure you’re not being exploited and that your agency really has your best interest in mind?

It can be tricky working with recruitment agencies, especially if you’ve never worked with one before. To help business owners, we’ve prepared this list of 6 questions you should always ask before hiring an IT Support Recruitment Agency.

1. How much experience do you have working in my industry?
First of all, when choosing a recruitment agency to work with, make sure they have decent experience in working with companies from your specific industry. Since you’re looking for IT Support recruitment for companies, you’re going to need a company experienced in sourcing IT Support Specialists.

P2 Recruitment has over 20 years of experience in providing oversea companies with professional IT specialists from Poland, including IT Support technicians, DevOps engineers, Front End and Back End developers, UI and UX designers, QA specialists, data analysts, cyber security experts, and more!

2. What is your work methodology to make recruitment more efficient?
Even though you might not understand all of it, it’s extremely important to ask your recruitment agency of choice about its methodology. How do they source new candidates? What does the vetting process look like? Do they perform an extensive background check? If you want to make sure you’re signing a contract with the right agency, make sure to ask these questions first. If the agency is avoiding answering this question, you can immediately tell that something is wrong.

3. How satisfied are your clients with the candidates you provide?
Client satisfaction is an extremely important indicator when it comes to IT Support recruitment. What are the reviews of your agency of choice’s previous clients? How does the agency measure customer satisfaction? How many successful new hires did the agency provide to companies, and what is the turnover rate of their candidates?

4. What should I look out for when recruiting IT support?
There are many things you should keep in mind when looking for an agency that provides IT Support recruitment for oversea companies. One of the main things you have to ask about is the work culture, time zones, and potential cultural barriers between your company and the new candidates. Do they speak English fluently? If not, how are you going to communicate with them?

5. What do I need to do during our cooperation?
Recruitment agencies are comfortable to work with since you don’t have to do much to find new candidates except paying the relevant few. However, if you want the agency to find just the right new hires for you, you’ll have to cooperate with them. What does your agency of choice expect you to do during the process? What kinds of details and information should you prepare about the employees you’re looking for?

There is a sweet spot somewhere in the middle – being involved enough to have a real impact on what candidates are presented to you, but not so involved that your service starts to look like manual recruitment again.

6. How do you select candidates?
Finally, ask your recruitment agency what exactly their criteria are for selecting candidates. Since each agency is different, they will use a different candidate selection process to power the recruitment funnel. If you want to avoid losses connected with having a vacant position at your company that desperately needs an employee to fill, make sure your agency is using an efficient candidate selection process that guarantees high-quality candidates in a short time span.

Don’t be afraid to ask your recruitment company questions – after all, you are their potential client, and it’s in their best interest to satisfy your curiosity. Here at P2 Recruitment, we believe that communication is the gateway to successful cooperation, which is exactly why we closely cooperate with companies during the whole process of recruitment, making sure each candidate fits their respective position. Contact us today to find out how we can help your company!

Source: Intuition