When it comes to software development, most specialists split into two different categories – Front End developers, who take care of UX and UI implementations, and Back End developers, who build code, manage databases and generally focus on parts of the software that the users can’t directly see.

There is, however, the third type of developer – Full Stack developers, who handle both the front and the back end. What exactly do they do, and how to find the best recruitment agencies for Full Stack developers?

Who are Full Stack developers?
A Full Stack developer requires the skills of both a Front End developer and a Back End developer since they deal with both the server side and the client side aspects of applications and websites. Not only will they need to be fluent in a range of programming languages and data management systems, but they will also know a thing or two about graphic design and UX/UI design.

What exactly do Full Stack developers do within a development cycle? While their exact responsibilities will vary from project to project, they most often take care of:

  • Assisting the development team in both design and development
  • Working with the design team to create enjoyable user interactions and intuitive UI
  • Improving back-end functionality, allowing apps to run smoother and on a wider range of devices
  • Testing and bug fixing at the Front and Back End
  • Managing, maintaining, and upgrading servers, databases, and networks
  • Choosing and implementing innovative technologies that fit each project
  • Leading communication between Design and Development teams
  • Assuring scalability and security of apps and websites

Full Stack developers are in high demand – but with so many responsibilities, companies don’t want to trust this position to just anyone. By recruiting a remote Full Stack developer, companies can find the best international specialists in the field, saving time and resources on a lengthy recruitment process, which might not even provide the right new hire at the end of it.

What skills are required for Full Stack developers?
Depending on the type of project you need a Full Stack developer for, they’ll need a different set of skills to properly assist your development teams. In general, Full Stack developers can be expected to have these skills:

  • Knowledge of Front End programming languages and frameworks, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of Back End technologies and frameworks, like NodeJS, Python, Ruby, PHP, and more
  • Database management with SQL, JSON, and others
  • Creating, managing, and implementing APIs
  • Graphic and UX/UI design skills
  • Great multitasking
  • Effective communication

Full Stack developers need to be agile and dynamic, constantly switching between the back and front-end development teams to make sure all pieces fit together. To keep the work flowing, they’ll also need to possess great communication skills, as well as the ability to think outside the box and offer creative solutions to complicated problems.

How to find the right Full Stack engineers?
Traditional recruitment is not only expensive and time-consuming but also very often ineffective when looking for specialists like Full Stack developers. Instead of spending your own time and resources on this lengthy process, international recruitment agencies can do it for you, using all of their expertise and skills to find the right new hires to stimulate growth at your company.

Recruitment agencies are not limited to the local area like most businesses are when looking for new hires. Instead, they look for professionals from all over the world that will be perfect for their position. For example, Full Stack developer recruitment in Poland can bring companies skilled and experienced specialists – a county consistently ranked among the top 3 European countries with the best IT specialists and software developers.

Outsourcing IT positions like Full Stack developers to countries like Poland can bring many benefits to companies, including lower employee costs, time and resources saved on recruitment, and access to an international talent pool with some of the best specialists in the field available at a moment’s notice. Working with the best recruitment agencies for full-stack developers, you’ll receive full support in finding the right developer for your business needs – contact us at P2 Recruitment for more!

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