Finding a qualified IT professional can be difficult, especially in today’s competitive market. Nowadays, IT technicians are in high demand across all industries, with many businesses struggling to find the employees they need through regular recruitment. To optimise this process, companies often use the help of IT job recruitment agencies – what are they exactly and what are their benefits?

What is outsourcing?
Outsourcing is a method of recruiting new hires from outside of your local area – while you would usually publish recruitment advertisements in local newspapers and online platforms, you’re limiting your available talent pool a lot this way, especially when it comes to highly demanding fields such as IT. When outsourcing through top IT recruitment agencies, you get access to some of the most skilled professionals in the field from all over the world, ready to work at reasonable rates in contrast to many specialists sourced locally.

Let’s say you’re looking for a skilled Full Stack developer with a couple of years of experience working on large projects. There are high chances that all such specialists in your local area will already be employed somewhere else, so unless you’re prepared to sway the employees to change companies, you’re still left with no employee after spending time and money on recruitment. How to prevent this?

What are the benefits of outsourcing? What do recruitment agencies do?
In contrast to traditional recruitment, outsourcing doesn’t limit you to your local area for recruitment. Cooperating with the best IT recruitment agencies for IT specialists can bring a range of benefits, including faster hiring, lower costs and less workload on your critical employees. You also get access to a much wider talent pool with many international experts available.

Most recruitment agencies don’t need to attract and shortlist potential hires, as they are already cooperating with a number of IT specialists from all around the world. After you provide the agency with a description of the position and an ideal candidate for you, they’ll do their best to find just the right new hires, saving you a lot of time wasted on searching for hires.

Recruitment agencies like P2 Recruitment provide companies with full support during recruitment, no matter whether you need a single temporary specialist or a full team of developers. It is the goal of a recruitment agency to keep their clients satisfied – after all, if the client receives new hires that are irrelevant to their business needs, they won’t be likely to use that agency again.

Why is traditional recruitment inefficient?
Nowadays, it’s extremely difficult to find the IT specialists you need through traditional recruitment. First of all, traditional recruitment is most often limited to the local area around the business location. There are many job search engines and platforms dedicated to the recruitment, but they are often filled with thousands upon thousands of offers – how likely is it that the right recruit will decide to apply to yours?

Companies can look for specific specialists on their own as well, most often friends and colleagues of their present employees or specialists found on LinkedIn. This method, while definitely helpful, isn’t very efficient – recruitment through recommendations is hit-or-miss, and finding the right specialists who are looking for a new job on LinkedIn isn’t simple or quick as well.

How can recruitment agencies help in finding IT specialists?
If you’re having trouble finding high-quality candidates, IT job recruitment agencies can help you get access to a more diverse, international talent pool. With the right experience, a professional recruitment agency can find and vet potential candidates that are exact matches for your open position. It takes a lot of skills and know-how to assess candidates before hiring them, but it’s necessary to avoid bad hires – people who seem to fit the description at first but turn out to be underqualified at best.

Don’t leave the composition of your workforce up to chance – work with professional IT recruitment agencies like P2 Recruitment to find the best of the best in the field. From analysts to data technicians to IT support specialists, P2 Recruitment is here to help you find the right specialist for you – contact us for more details!

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