Somehow, finding a remote development job is as difficult for employers as it is for employees. While employers find themselves struggling to find talent in their immediate vicinity, the highly competitive IT job market keeps the potential hires facing off against countless other candidates and dealing with outdated recruitment tactics. How do software developers in Poland manage to avoid this issue?

How much does a software developer earn in Poland?
On average, software developers earn between $24,000 and $96,000 per year. This may not look very spectacular when compared to the average salaries in the United States, but you have to take into consideration the differences in the cost of living, which is much lower in Poland. It also means that companies are keen to hire remote software developers from Poland to save on employee costs.

Is Poland the right place for finding software developers?
According to the latest data, Poland is one of the highest-ranked outsourcing destinations for IT jobs, including software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and more. In fact, Poland is frequently placed in the top 3 European countries when it comes to professional IT specialists. Among all the other Central European countries, Poland comes out on top in the number of highly-specialised IT professionals available for hire.

Poland offers low labor costs and lower-than-average taxes to many international corporations, making it a prominent outsourcing destination for IT companies. With almost 80,000 tech graduates every year and 300,000 professional software developers, Poland can be a great go-to place for international companies looking to hire a remote development team. Poland is also one of the top world countries to invest in or do business in, with high economic stability, a great institutional framework, and great market potential. If you’re after a high Return on Investment rate, consider outsourcing your developers and IT specialists from Poland.

How do you find and hire developers in Poland?
While Poland is known to be among the countries with the highest English Proficiency Index in Europe, indicating that it’s easy and simple to communicate with Polish people using English, oversea companies might still find it difficult to source IT professionals, without a good understanding of the local market. To circumvent that, most businesses use the services of an IT recruitment agency to source Polish developers.

Recruitment agencies help companies hire remote software developers in Poland, sharing their expertise and large talent pool with businesses looking for new candidates. Agencies like P2 Recruitment specialise in collecting, listing, vetting, and assessing new hires, making sure that their clients are left with only the absolute best candidates that fit the job description perfectly.

Find the right developer through a professional IT recruitment agency.
It’s not easy to find a reliable IT specialist these days – it’s an extremely competitive market, and most skilled and experienced developers have no problem finding a well-paid job, leaving small and medium startups with a severe lack of talent available. While it might not be possible to find the right IT technician in your local vicinity, recruitment agencies help companies by giving them access to an international talent pool with developers from all over the world waiting for an opportunity to cooperate with an overseas company.

If you’re looking for a way to save time and resources on recruitment, IT recruitment agencies are the way to go. Don’t waste your energy and money on sifting through local hires for months before you find the right one – simply get in touch with P2 Recruitment, and we’ll find the best possible hire for you based on your specific business needs, industry, field, and position details.

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