Looking for an IT technical specialist can be difficult for employers, especially if you’re looking for a highly-specialized employee that possesses a very particular set of skills needed for your project. Finding a whole development team in your closest vicinity is near-impossible, which is exactly why companies work with remote IT recruitment agencies to make the process more efficient. How does it exactly work?

What is remote recruitment?
Traditional recruitment can be lengthy and expensive – and you’re not 100% certain to find the right candidate after all. There are tons of responsibilities and tasks that need to be fulfilled for a company to grow, and wasting time and resources on recruitment without having an advanced HR department with skilled recruiters will only prevent you from doing so. Instead, companies work with third-party recruitment agencies to source, vet, and assess new hires.

In contrast to local recruiters, remote recruiters are not limited by geographical boundaries when looking for new hires. This allows companies to access a much wider talent pool, with professional engineers and technicians from all over the world looking for job opportunities.

What do Remote IT Recruitment Agencies do?
In this new post-COVID reality that we’ve found ourselves in, remote work and remote recruitment are becoming more and more popular – especially in highly technical fields such as IT and software development. Skills and experience are valued higher than a close distance to the workplace, with companies outsourcing employees from all around the world using recruitment agencies to speed up the process.

Remote recruitment agencies give you access to a decentralized talent pool from overseas, with payroll costs being, on average less than half when searching for an IT technical specialist. These agencies work directly with employers to provide the best recruitment expertise available on the market, helping companies search for, shortlist, and onboard new hires, including IT service specialists from Poland.

What are the benefits of remote recruitment from Poland?
Poland is one of the top international destinations for companies looking to outsource IT specialists. Consistently ranked among the top 3 European countries for IT outsourcing, Poland is filled with over 500,000 skilled software developers and other IT specialists. Because the cost of living in Poland is much lower than in the UK or the United States, Polish IT technicians are prepared to work for lesser salaries than candidates in these countries – on average 30% less when compared to the United States. At the same time, the competencies of IT specialists are ranked very highly, giving companies access to cheap labor with a high skill level.

IT specialist recruitment in Poland has a much higher chance of success because of the country’s high English Proficiency Index – Polish IT specialists have no problem communicating in English with overseas companies, with Poland ranked in the top 15 countries when it comes to speaking English. When working with Polish specialists, you can expect a European work culture and fluent communication in English, helping develop projects quicker and shortening the time to market.

Conclusion: is it worth it to use a remote IT recruitment agency?
Hiring new IT employees is a long and tiresome process that might not give you access to the specialists you were looking for in the end. To avoid disappointment and wasting time and resources, companies use the help of remote IT recruitment agencies to speed up the process and source high-quality candidates from all over the world. By looking for new hires overseas, you gain access to a much wider talent pool, with expert-level engineers and lower employee costs than with sourcing locally.
At P2 Recruitment, we do our best to find the perfect candidate for every company we cooperate with. We work closely with companies looking for IT specialists, establishing business needs and necessary skills and competencies together for 100% accuracy. We specialize in connecting Polish IT technicians and overseas companies in arrangements that can benefit both sides – providing a well-paid job to the candidate, and a qualified employee to the company.

Looking for a new IT hire to complete your development team? Contact us with details, and we’ll be sure to get back to you with a ready-made solution that will grant you exactly the workforce you’re in need of!

Source: Intuition