Our Recruitment Strategy is built on our strengths

Going Deep

We will ask you about your company’s values, culture and goals, interview key stakeholders and high potential/high performing employees and take the time to identify the critical success factors and key deliverables.

Off limits restriction

The simple fact is, the larger the firm, the more clients they need and therefore, more passive candidates are “off-limits”. Our small size does not limit our ability to access the very best talent.

Flexible approach

The more flexibility the employer can afford, the greater their success in hiring the right candidate. Flexibility builds its power on information and competence. Thus, the greater the knowledge about the market, the greater the insight into the organization, the greater the capability of the recruiter and line manager, the more flexibility the employer can afford. Flexibility opens the floor for a broader perspective, more innovative actions and better hiring results. We will help you to achieve that.

Owner engaged

Piotr Eder, the owner and senior Recruiter with 20 years of experience, is intimately involved in each step of the recruitment process. Such knowledge is critical when identifying and securing perfect candidates for your positions.

Advising candidates

We listen to and advise our candidates to make educated career decisions. This, in turn, gets people in the right places and make them motivated and happy. Long term placement is the final outcome.

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