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With 3.5 Million Cyber Security Jobs Expected By 2025, P2 Recruitment Connects Information Security Experts With The Right Candidates.

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Specialising In Infosec Recruitment To Meet Growing Industry Demand For Permanent And Contract Needs.

Information Security Recruitment Agency Europe

A comprehensive Information Security recruitment agency

Extensively trained Infosec experts are ready to tackle a host of projects for businesses across the world – with experience in CISO/CIRO, security risk management, consultancy, security architecture, cyber forensics, penetration testing, third-party security and more.

Assistance for all business needs

Catering to new security installations and upgrading existing protocols, businesses can expect a high level of protection from internal and external threats and digital vulnerabilities.

Remote solutions for dynamic projects

Remote information security recruitment can bring a new level of protection throughout business structures, from deep insight advice to technical delivery. Hiring specialists work with a small team of IS experts for well-established corporations and start-ups alike.

Information Security Represented By Top Talent Across Poland, Europe And America

Our clients will gain tailored assistance from talented Information Security advisors. We undertake an executive search of our bespoke talent pool and bring opportunities for contract recruitment, permanent recruitment and managed services.

An Information Security expert will be your best asset if your business needs to better protect sensitive data and information from unauthorised activities like inspection, modification, recording, or destruction.

Our recruitment team aims to connect you with the most relevant candidate for your needs to ensure the privacy and ongoing safety of your business’ critical data, including customer account details, intellectual property and more.

Suppose you want to adopt new security measures and protocols for the first time or upgrade any pre-existing functions lacking in performance. In that case, P2 Recruitment can partner you with professionals capable of delivering nothing short of outstanding solutions.

What Does Information Security Entail?

Security measures within Infosec perform four major roles only a skilled professional can execute. These are:

  • Protection for the continued functionality of businesses
  • Safe operation of all applications that are implemented on IT systems
  • Data protection
  • Safeguarding critical computer systems
Information Security Specialisms And Governance, Risk And Compliance (GRC) Strategies

As technology evolves and the consumer environment moves into a more digital economy, businesses are under pressure to keep up with their security efforts. In the current climate, sensitive data is one of the most important business assets for a myriad of reasons – and ensuring high-level security can be imperative.

Issues like malicious code, computer hacking and denial-of-service attacks are becoming increasingly more popular, not to mention more ambitious, year after year. As a result, Information Security needs to be fresh and relevant and go above and beyond standard practices.

With information security recruitment in Poland, you can expect localised knowledge and adherence to security guidelines using the correct Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategies.

Although this is where  P2 Recruitment  is based, we have also successfully partnered with several European and American companies in our 20 years in the IT and recruitment niches, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.