Senior Back-end Software Engineer

Skills: Python, REST APIs, AWS, Apache Kafka, Golang

Employment: contract B2B

Salary: negotiable

Location: London or Oslo

Would you consider joining a very successful group of entrepreneurs and developers who have made millions for themselves by building world-class network and communication technology companies that have sold for hundreds of millions of dollars? This was achieved by bringing the best talent and great ideas together to create products which broke boundaries and challenged the industry norm. We are now helping to build the initial engineering team in London and Oslo for a new artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision venture.


Back-end Software Engineer
London or Oslo


The Role
To design, research, re-engineer, prototype, build, implement, integrate, test and deliver back-end solutions / technology across the product stack.


Candidate Profile
You have impressive programming abilities. You’re not committed to any one tool, but like to use the right tool for the job. You are always leaving things a little cleaner than you found them. You’re interested in building software as a craft, and you’re as committed to write airtight tests as you are to implement shiny new features. You want a career where your creative abilities will make a difference to the world of technology.


Desirable Skills and Experience
Strong competence as a back-end software engineer. Your language experience isn’t a primary search, but you’re not fazed by having to pick up a new language or two along the way. Desirable skills: Python, Redis, REST APIs, REST, Kafka, AWS Cloud Services, Docker, AWS, Apache Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, gRPC, Golang


The Offer 
● Competitive salary
● Bleeding edge technical challenge
● Immediate input into product development.
● Equity


If you are interested, please let us know by sending your CV to and we will contact you to discuss the details of this offer and the recruitment process.