We are looking for an Engineering Manager for the new division of fast-growing IT company from the USA. This opportunity…

Skills: Ruby on Rails, Java, React Native, Native iOS and Android, Flutter, blockchain-related technologies, Rust and Elixir

Employment: Negotiable

Salary: 6-8k USD per month negotiable

Location: Fully remote

We are looking for a Director of Recruitment, HR and Account Management who will help a newly set up company grow and thrive. This opportunity with a newly set up IT company will allow you to have a huge impact on it since the very beginning. You would be recruiting first IT engineers in order to create a team and make it grow. What is more, you will be the person who checks in with them to make sure they are having a positive experience and they are succeeding in their role.    HR Director Fully remote   The…

Skills: Recruitment of Engineers, Onboarding planning for new employees, Payroll

Employment: Negotiable

Salary: 2.5-5k USD per month

Location: Europe remote

We are looking for a Technical Program Manager to get onboard a fast-growing and cash-rich start-up from the USA. This company collects, processes, and provides intelligence on the mobile application…

Skills: Software Architecture, SaaS, Ruby on Rails

Employment: Contract of Employment

Salary: 70-150k USD per year

Location: Remote