Specialists in IT Recruitment

P2 Recruitment was born out of a need for quality workers in East Anglia in 2002. Since then, we have built up an enviable reputation for providing personnel of the highest quality and an excellent level of service.

Over time we grew and expanded our service; in the autumn of 2004, we started providing Polish IT engineers to British industries.

We work with a spectrum of businesses: international companies as well as smaller, family-run concerns. We moved from Britain to Poland in 2008 and expanded our business throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East.


Specialisation in your field – focusing on narrow fields, P2 Recruitment provides first-hand knowledge and in-depth understanding of your industry. That’s the number-one beauty of a boutique firm – just like you, they have a niche, and that niche is you.

Quality over quantity – We offer a focused collection of elite recruiters who treat recruitment as the art of discovering talent. Their personalised approach results in getting to know the clients inside out and understanding the culture of their business. This strategy is crucial in finding the outstanding candidate from a deep pool of individuals and landing the perfect fit.

Personalised attention and meaningful interaction – Dealing directly with the recruiter, you get more opportunities to engage in a thoughtful, intellectual manner. The unique approach and attentiveness to detail are what makes us stand out from the crowd of larger firms.

Why talent matters so much.

In any organization or group, a few people will make a disproportionate contribution to the collective output. Around 20% of individuals are responsible for 80% of the output and vice-versa. This “Pareto effect” has been found in virtually any domain of performance. As academic reviews have highlighted, a “Pareto effect” illustrates the distribution of scientific discoveries, publications, and citations; entrepreneurial success and innovation; and productivity rates. In all these areas 20% of individuals (or less) tend to account for between 80 and 98% of performance.

Thus talented people – the vital few – are the main driver of a company’s success, and companies will see much higher returns on their investment if they devote more resources to the few people who are making a big difference, as opposed to trying to make the “trivial many” more productive.

The majority of our Clients allow their staff to work from home and we recruit from around the globe; so why do they make that choice?

Talent / When you hire remotely, the entire world becomes your talent pool.

Productivity / Study after study has shown that remote workers are more productive.

Retention / Working from home is seen as a huge bonus for employees. If you have a role that lets them work from home full or part-time, then they’re less likely to look elsewhere.

Cost-Savings / When your candidate pool is the whole globe, you can hire from countries where salary costs are lower. And of course, no desks, no computers, no phones, no stationary or coffee costs.

Diversity / Having a more diverse staff is good for business. When you create a group of people of different races, religions, cultures and life experience you immediately add more viewpoints to any problem that you try to solve.